UNN Visually impaired Student Dies of Electrocusion in Dangerous Looking Boys Hostel (Graphic photos)

Unn Visually impaired student dies of Electrocusion

A visually impaired student dies of Electrocusion he passed out about 3am in Alvan Ikoku Hostel in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. This UNN student dies of Electrocusion, it is very ludicrous.

Here is a story from a witness : 

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“Around 3am, I just dropped my phone to sleep. I heard a shout in the hostel. It wasnt the normal shout we hear from¬† noisy boys. So we all ran downstairs with torchlights all to see this Blind Dude we know lying helplessly as a result of electrocution and boys trying every possible thing to revive him.

I dont know his name but i think hes in 300 level Music department.

This is something we have been screaming, protesting and rioting for. But nobody listens. Even the Dean came to our hostels and threatened to.collect our names if we.didnt pay our toilet cleaners. The Hall Governor being a milque toast is afraid of.them so he does anything hes asked to and mayne recwives peanuts from.them. 


May His Blood And Soul Violently Visit Them and Their Households

Has the school seen why we are doing riot and saying put things in order for us…

On a norm we that have eyes can avoid all this. But it’s for the goodness of everyone including the visually impaired that can’t even join in the protest. 

Their lackadaisical attitude and irresponsibility has brought about loss of a precious life. 

That Dude is up to 25

He’s blind!!!!

You know how much money, love, care and pampering helped him reach the height he was today!

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And because of The Authorities wickedness electricity has snatched such a precious and determined life away. Cos if he wasnt determined he wouldnt have gone to school, talk more of coming to This Overrated H*ll Hole in the first place.

If his parents are learned and financially stable, its just sue the life out of Unn. Where theyd have to spend 50 times that money theyve been economizing. 

Are those poor individuals not meant to have their own hostels where maximum care and 247 attention would be given to them… Even if it means increasing their school fees!?

I wish I’d be able to look at the Authorities face when they would be explaining to that guy’s Mom why her son shouldn’t be walking around on Earth with her from now on. After she has finished drafting plans on how to show her village people that she could make something out of nothing!!”

This was narrated by a witness!

 The condition of the Hostel is too bad and the school needs to do something about it as soon as possible! 


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