Two Scholarships in a time like this, only Saneke Cyriacus’ 3-day free online writing masterclass could do this!

Saneke Cyriacus

Giving, according to Kathy Calvin , is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.
Just when we all thought there is no hope for humanity again as every activity has ceased all over the world due to the pandemic Covid-19, a savior has seemingly surfaced from nowhere to give hope to students spread across different universities in Nigeria and even beyond through a 3-DAY FREE ONLINE MASTERCLASS on Writing (Prose, Poetry and Essay).

Aneke Sochi Cyriacus, otherwise called Saneke Cyriacus, is a student writer from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka whom as part of his own contribution to fighting boredom in this isolation period, organized a Masterclass on creative writing (Prose, Poetry and Essay) together with the coordinators of Unn Writers Unite (an online Writing Club he formed) and the diligent SUG Secretary General of the University.

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Saneke Cyriacus, Unn Pen-Power, host of the masterclass.

Saneke Cyriacus

It is an unimaginable wonder why after locking down schools for months on account of the pandemic Covid-19, one Nigerian student could still think of impacting knowledge to his fellow students who are as bored as they are tired of doing nothing at home.

As though this idea has been conceived a long time by this student writer, the services of professional guests who are the best personalities in their respective fields were employed.

The presence of professional guest lecturers like Ojindu C. Jude (JUDAISKY), CEO of Giant Pen; Chidi Arua, the Pioneer Contributor for MONUS Anthology; and Chibuzor Ndubisi, the Director General Unn Essayists’ Group, helped to make the webinar as qualitative and educative as can ever be. Indeed it was a Masterclass; one of the best webinars in recent times!

Students participation during the masterclass

The Nigerian students, and the students that joined from a host of other countries that joined the masterclass will forever remain grateful to the host, Saneke Cyriacus, especially when the masterclass has ended with two scholarships funded by the UNN’s most diligent SUG official, Nwachukwu Malachi, another cheerful giver and leader per excellence who didn’t also relent in doing the good works the Nigerian Students who voted him as their Union Secretary General sent him to do.

This great sacrifice and humanitarian service by this young Comrade, Nwachukwu Malachi, is not just applaudable but also worthy of emulation by all student leaders spread across the Nigeria universities.

Nwachukwu Malachi, the Unn Secretary General

Nwachukwu Malachi

Who could ever believe that a young student leader in our today nation would bring out himself and time to work hand in hand with the event host as a co-organizer of a non-profit webinar in a period when schools are locked down; a period that gives him no jurisdiction to exercise his executive post.

This goes in its way to qualify this young Comrade as nothing but a worthy leader who has not only the interest of his university at heart but also the interest of the whole Nigerian Student. It is no more a wonder that he funded two one year full scholarships to two most active participants, one from each of the two whatsapp groups created to impact this rare knowledge.

The winners of the scholarships, Mama Gift Onyinye, a second year student in the department of Arts Education, Education faculty, and Mary-Jennifer Chukwu, a fourth student in the department of Biochemistry, Biological Science faculty, will forever remain grateful to Comr. Nwachukwu Malachi, for his great favour and seed of success in their lives.

Mama Gift Onyinye, the winner of the one year scholarship in masterclass group one.

Mama Gift Onyiye

Mary-Jennifer Chukwu, the winner of the one year scholarship in masterclass group two.

Mary-Jennifer Chukwu

We urge every Nigerian citizen, students and graduates, to borrow a leaf from this young Comrade, Nwachukwu Malachi, who in every way has brought to limelight the fact that the beauty of humanity basks in the euphoria of the sacrifices made to people around us.

Indeed, we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
The 514 students of the different universities in Nigeria and beyond who participated in this 3-DAY FREE ONLINE WRITING MASTERCLASS will forever remain grateful to the organizers in the personalities of Nwachukwu Malachi, the UNN’s SUG Secretary General, Ukolie Franklin Joseph’Missa, Egbuzu John Lawrence, Odiaka Ugochukwu Oghenetega Zoe, and of course the host, Aneke Sochi Cyriacus, SANEKE, otherwise called the Unn Pen-Power.


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