Tourists attractions in Nigeria:What is famous in Nigeria?

Tourists attractions in nigeria

Tourists attraction in Nigeria : What is famous in Nigeria?

Tourists are looking for attractions in Nigeria, these tourists are people who travel all over the world, probably to relax, have fun, for business reasons or even for relaxation. These are the various reasons that make people travel to Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populated country in the whole of Africa and that is why people from all over the world are trooping in and out of Nigeria they all want to see what is famous in Nigeria and the best tourists attractions in Nigeria.

What are these tourists attractions in Nigeria? And what is famous in Nigeria? Nigeria has a lot of tourists attractions that people can come around to have fun, to relax or to even entertain themselves. Ranging from the exotic beach, the mountains, the environment, etc.

Tourists attractions in Nigeria

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If you have someone, or if you are the person that wants to travel, you need to take a look at this article to see the tourists attractions in Nigeria and decide for yourself where you want to visit and have fun or feed your eyes.

Idanre Hills

tourists attractions in Nigeria
Idanre Hlls

The Idanre hills are one of the best tourists attractions in Nigeria. The surprising thing about the Idanre hills is that it is over 800 years old. It has been existing for so many years now, it is almost going to a century. The Idanre hills has a very diverse landscape, together with 667 steps, these steps are so strenuous to climb. It also has some handwritings on the wall, footprints and there is a myth about its existence.

Gurara Waterfalls

Toursits attractions in Nigeria
Gurara Waterfalls

This Gurara falls is also one of the best tourists attractons in Nigeria. It is so awesome. it was named after two gods. it is also a afantastic spot for you to see wildlife or go fishing in the gurara river. The Gurara waterfalls is a tributary of the River Niger.

Zuma Rock

zuna Rock

This huge rock is about 725 feet above the sea level. The Zuma rock was once n idol and a fortress in the times of war. Where can you find the Zuma Rock? The Zuma rock can be found from the Abuja-Kaduna express way. When you are there, you will be able to view it.

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Freedom Park

Tourists attractions in Nigeria
Freedom Park

The freedom park is one of the best tourists attractions in Nigeria, it is located at the centre of downtown Lagos state, Nigeria. This is one of the best places in Lagos to visit if you want to have fun. It is a beautiful spot for relaxation. It explains and shows the history of the coloonial heritage and the broad street prisons. This is among the cheap places in Ikeja.

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Elegushi Beach

Tourists attractions in Nigeris
Elegushi beach

The beach is at the Lekki-Epe, Lagos. This beach is the most popularly known beach in Lagos state filled with fun and it is also a perfect place to be for parties, picnics, social gatherings and lots more you think you want to do.

What is Famous in Nigeria?

For some people that are coming from othr countries in different parts of the world to Nigeria, you may be asking what is so special about Nigeria or what is famous in Nigeria. Nigeria, like we said earlier is the most populated country in Nigeria, people outside the country always want to know what is so special of what is famous in Nigeria.

Nigeria is what famous for Petroleum. In Africa, when you think of oil, the next country that comes to your mind is Nigeria. Nigeria is the largest producer of oil in Africa. Nigeria is also among the top producers of oil in the whole world, and that is where we shine. If you are asked the question what is famous in Nigeria, you should know that it is petroleum. When it comes to petroleum, we are the giants in Africa.

Conslusion- Tourists attractions in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, and that is one of the major reasons why people from different countries all over the world troop in to see what is really famous in Nigeria and to also see the tourists attractions in Nigeria. We mentioned a few tourists attractions in Nigeria like the Idanre hills, Zuma Rock, Gurara falls, freedom park and the Elegushi beach. These places are really great if you want to relax, if you want to feed your eyes or relax, you can visit any one of these places that we mentioned. If you are coming from other parts of the world to visit Nigeria, you can visit any one of these places to feed your eyes and probably relax. We also made mention of what is famous in Nigeria. We mentioned that petroleum is what is very famous in Nigeria, and that Nigeria is the biggest producers of oil in Africa.


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