Tonto Dikeh, crashed marriage: 5 mistakes to avoid in your relationship

Tonto dihek

Tonto dike’s crashed marriage: 4 mistakes to avoid in your relationship

Tonto Dikeh is a Nigerian popular Nollywood actress and business mogul who was formerly married to Churchill Olakunle. Some years after their breakup, she made it public that her marriage to Olakunle Churchill was a sham. Olakunle Churchill is alleged to be former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s nephew. Tonto Dikeh later opened up that it was a big lie, Churchill is not Obasanjo’s nephew.

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Be careful who you choose as a husband

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Tonto and Churchill were happily married in 2015, people celebrated them when they newly got married, but deep down Tonto knew she was not with the right person. She started having the feeling after the birth of her son. She said so many good things about him on social media which she knew deep down was a lie. Tonto posted many things on her Instagram page claiming that Churchill bought it for her, all these was all a lie, she was trying to cover up. Choose wisely the person you want to have as husband to avoid all these issues in your own relationship.

Tonto & Churchill

Know your Partner’s health status

Tonto Dike started treating STDs after her union with Churchill. She said she is a mother who wants to live long for her son. Churchill’s infidelity is one of the reasons for their break up. She said she was naïve about treating the STDs at first, but later on she was able to get over it.

Prepare for marriage, not just wedding.

When Churchill wanted to marry Tonto, he was broke and could not afford to pay the bills for the wedding. Tonto Dikeh paid for her wedding and bought all the necessary things needed just to make the wedding come through. It is not that bad as a female to pay for your wedding if your man is broke, but make sure you are not doing it out of desperation.

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No marriage is perfect, but you can work it out.

Tonto Dikeh declared that no marriage is perfect, hers was not. She claimed that her marriage was based on lies deceit and many more darkness.

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