Smartunez: Music drives away pain and brings joy (read Inspiring story)


Smartunez: Music drives away pain and brings joy

Smartunez, One of the upcoming artiste in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka was discovered for his great talent and musical skills. He claims that music drives away pain and brings joy. Read the interview on VItalis kalu’s blog

Why music?

Because there is nothing sweet in this life than music. It drives away pain and bring joy

Are you still schooling?


When did you realize you loved music and wanted to go for it?

Yea since I was 4 or 5

What got you into music?

passion. Love for music and of all I found I was endowed with the gift from God

What is your music Genre?


If not music, what else will you do?


When did you start singing?

since I was 10

What is the best experience in your music so far?

My first music performance… It’s a wonderful experience

What is the worst experience in your music career so far?

My worst experience is when I arrived late for my show and ended up not performing 🎭

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What is your Funniest moment in your music career so far?

I went for a show after performing God….. I heard the crowd screaming my name

If your fans were to remember you for something, what would it be?

My love for them and my music

Have you released any album yet?

Not yet

Which of your songs do you think is the best so far?


What awards and recognition have you won so far?

I have won next rated artiste in Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Award of Next rated Artiste

Which male artiste will you like to collaborate with?


Which female artist will you like to collaborate with?


Where do you hope to be in the next seven years in music?

God!! Then I should have many awards… I should be known as one of the best artist not only in Nigeria but the world at large

Two words for other artists looking up to you?

keep pushing hard, no matter the situation. Do your best and aim high ⚡️

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