Does she love me? 5 undeniable signs she loves you

signs she loves me

Does she love me? 5 undeniable signs she loves you

Does she love me? Research has shown that some people are able to detect when a person is showing interest in the opposite sex. These are not just body language signs, or signs she is flirting. Is she into you?

She wants to know more about you:

This is one way to tell if a lady is really into you, or loves you. Once a lady decides she is into you, she likes to start gathering information about you, if possible, she wants to know a lot/everything about you, just like a spy. She will want to tell her friends about you, so, that is why you will start getting such questions from her. So, if you start getting up to 20 questions from her, then you know she is into you.

The coy gaze:

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In most cases, continuous locking eyes with a lady is one of the well-known signs she wants to be approached by you. Once you are talking to her, that look starts being more soft and pleasing, like she really wants you, it’s called the Coy Gaze. It is one of the sure signs a lady likes you, but sometimes it could be confusing if you are not paying attention.

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She lets her guard down:

Ladies do this on purpose to guys they have a thing for. Ladies do this to give you a taste of her vulnerability. She will do this because she trusts you so well. When she is really into you she starts sharing what goes on in her personal life with you, for example she shares her fears, her weaknesses, her likes and dislikes, those things that have happened to her in the past.

She laughs at almost everything you say:

If you both spend time together and you find out she starts laughing hard at almost everything you say, this is an obvious sign she has a thing for you.

The social media stalk: 

You need to check the social media to see how often she engages in your posts, when she likes your posts, it does not necessarily mean she likes you, but when she engages with your posts in an unusual way then you know she has a thing for you.

These are the 5 signs she loves you. What do you think about them? Have you witnessed any of them yet? Tell us in the comment section whether you think she loves you.


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