Regina Daniels: Thirteen things you never knew about her

Regina danies

Regina Daniels: Thirteen things you never knew about her

Who is Regina Daniels?

Regina Daniels is an actress, a business woman and of course a student. She was born in Lagos state but she was brought up in Delta State, Regina Daniels hails from Delta State.

What is your Educational background?

I am currently studying mass communication, I have passion for acting and will also love to be in the entertainment industry.

How  did you get into Nollywood?

I started acting since I was six years of age. There was support from my mother, family etc. My mother made sure I do well in my acting career, she was like a motivation to me.

What Challenges did you face early in your career?

I was once in a movie set and I needed to cry in that scene, but unfortunately, I was not able to. I felt bad because I was not perfect in acting. The movie producer had to call my mother to come take me home because I could not perform. My mother had to console me and encourage me. I was also insulted by many producers in my early days of acting.

How were you able to build your brand?

Since child, I always had the dream to become a movie star/celebrity, I wanted to be someone the world will appreciate. I also worked my ass out to become who I am today. That was how I was able to make myself the brand I am today.

Where do you see Nollywood in the next 5 years?

I believe Nollywood is going to greater heights, Nollywood is part of the future, she said. I am going to be part of the great future of Nollywood.

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Where do you see yourself In the next 5 years?

I see myself in more Nollywood movies, alongside her role model, Angelina Jolie.

Why Angelina Jolie?

I love her determination, her acting skills, her intelligence, and above all her attractiveness.

How did you bag your latest endorsements?

I loves glasses, shades and all eye wear. Recently, I was signed as a brand ambassador for House of Lunettes an eye wear retailer. I got the deal when I walked into a mall to get some eye wears, I was approached, welcomed, and I was given the offer of becoming brand ambassador for the company.

What are your hobbies?

I Love swimming, playing Lawn Tennis, I could actually beat Serena Williams, she joked. Lol. I love playing the piano too.

Do you even know how to cook?

Of course! I actually love cooking traditional meals like okro soup, ogbono soup. Etc.

Why are you so drawn to children?

I grew up so fast and I did not have friends and opportunity to mingle with others. I was always in the midst of adults because I was usually on set. Ive been an adult since birth, she joked. I love their smile,and I love to be close to them because I never had the opportunity to be around kids while growing up.

Could you address the news making around?

There are different news and different versions of my relationship status. I do get lots of calls, text messages. But nevertheless, I will keep you all updated on everything you need to know about me on my YouTube channel

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