Natural weight gain supplement for women: Gain weight in 12 days

natural weight gain supplement

Natural weight gain supplement for women: Gain weight in 12 days

Natural weight gain supplement is mostly sought after by women. For all those women who have been on the lookout for a single remedy for unwanted weight loss, save heart because we bring to you weight gain supplements that are natural and do not have any side-effects.

A lot of people turn to expensive supplements in an attempt to gain weight, without realising that these do nothing more than making you hopeful.

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Natural Supplements

Natural weight gain supplement : Gaining weight requires one to increase the number of calories taken. There should also be an adequate amount of nutrition in the body for the weight gain supplements to work effectively. And, this nutrition can be easily packed on with the help of natural weight gain supplements. Following are some natural weight gain supplements for women.

Vitamin D

This is a popular supplement for its ability to enhance the overall healthy i.e. apart from helping you gain weight. According to a research that was published in the Hormone and Metabolic Research journal suggested that an increased intake of vitamin D enhances the level of testosterone in the body, thus helping to build muscles. This is a very good source for Natural weight gain supplement

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Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements have fat and are dense with calories and nutrients. It omega-3 fatty acids that promote an increase in synthesis of muscle protein, thus allowing for an increased growth of the muscles. Several studies in the past have also found immense evidence for the link between fish oil supplements and weight gain.

Eat Healthy and Gain Mass

Your doctor will likely ask about your activity and diet during your next physical. That inquiry shouldn’t surprise you given the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet. In fact, this combination can help you fight disease and slow aging. Combining resistance exercises and a healthy diet might also let you gain weight in a safe way.

An October 2015 paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology tracked the progress of 63 postmenopausal women for 24 weeks. These researchers assigned the women to one of three conditions: (1) no treatment, (2) resistance exercises and (3) resistance exercises and a healthy diet. All women doing resistance exercises showed an increase in leg strength. Interestingly, only the latter group showed an increase in leg mass. The women in that group showed about a 2 percent increase in mass by the end of the study.


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