Meet Doctor Frick the comedian who cracks your ribs, cures people of fear & depression at once

who is doctor frick

Doctor Frick is one of the very unique comedians you will find in Nigeria. I came across him on the Radio show Late night on max fm with Daniel Akpata. Since then, listening to him for 5 minutes is enough for him to crack my ribs. Doctor Frick is an amazing person, you should meet him. read the interview below:

late night on max fm
#latenighton maxfm with Daniel AKpata & Dr. Frick

Who is Doctor Frick ?

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Doctor Frick is Popularly referred to on air as the Field Marshall of
Humour & Sense, Doctor Frick is an international,
ethical stand up comic with unparalled spontaneity,
creativity, intelligence & vast experience in different fields.
Dr. Frick is the host of Fricking Moments, a stand up special where he dispenses original, ethical & intellectual jokes.
He is also the convener of Loved Up #thedinner, a Valentine’s day couples’ dinner where he expresses his passion for relationships & marriages.
He was inducted into the Royal Court by HIM Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II & was awarded the Royal African Medal for his achievements in creative culture.

doctor frick
Doctor Frick

What is Doctor Frick’s full name?

Frederick Ogheneaghogho Oluwasayo Otite.

How did the whole ”Doctor Frick brand come about”?

Having danced around some stage names & pseudonyms like Funnycator and Fredelicious, I decided to look for a name that will describe what I represent and do which is cure people of sorrow and depression, fear and doubt. I decided to explore my love for medicine and surgery which couldn’t achieve materiality due to JAMB, OK truthfully, the artist in me just wasn’t studious enough. But since laughter is the best medicine and I dispense it so well, I picked Doctor. Frick is from my name Frederick.

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How was it like doing comedy in an era where Nigerian parents believe Getting a 9-5 job is the only way to success?

It was a struggle. But I guess God’s influence over my journey helped me survive. I was a get inside kinda child growing up. My parents are both scholars so you can call me the black sheep of the family. I deviated from the pen and chose the mic. It was quite a battle with my mum. My dad was liberal about it. I never knew I would have the courage to address crowds, Air my opinions and even crack people up. But I got liberated as I entered adulthood and pursued my passion. I paid dearly for it but gladly without regret.

Was it difficult convincing your parents that you want to do comedy?

Well… I didn’t have to convince them. I just focused on my passion. It was like a divine energy spurred me on. I didn’t care about consequences. The only time I felt fulfilled was on the mic. It was always my rescue from my mum’s disciplinary claws and strictness. I just basically ignored every threat and they kinda saw the resolve.

You are also a radio co-host on #latenightonmaxfm With Daniel Akpata, how did it all start?

Well, #Latenightonmaxfm has been quite a journey. It started with me accompanying my boss the only true, Blunt, crazy love Doctor to the studio, basically to understudy him, I knew I carried something he has been carrying and blessing people with for a long time. Previously, all my radio experiences had been strictly comedy and interviews. I used to co-host comedy programs. But this time, it was different. It was love and life and we connected so well. He trusted me with his platform in a shocking manner.

He saw what I didn’t even see yet in myself. I was thinking this man wasn’t even scared if I was going to goof on air. He gave me his platform, brought me into his home and became a brother and friend and still remains my boss till date. In ever grateful to him for the confidence in me, the love towards my family and everything he’s taught me.

How do you combine being funny as a comedian and also blunt as a personal development enthusiast?

It’s just like a blend of fruit juice with all the nutrients you need. Only God knows how that came to be. However, what you take in is what you dish out. I gulp a lot of stuff on personal development, relationships and marriages, purpose and destiny fulfillment… So, they go into me and blend with my natural intelligence which is a unique sense of Humour.

Who are those that inspire you?

Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, Mama Tusky and my boss, Daniel Akpata.

Doctor Frick, will you go for? Video games or movies?

Video games any day man. I sleep off on movies many times.

Doctor Frick, will you go for? Lexus or Toyota?

Hard pick but I’ll go with Lexus. It’s the luxury brand of Toyota. I’m luxurious

What do you want upcoming comedians to learn from your story and what is your advice for them?

For budding comics, once you have the conviction that your natural intelligence is Humour, build your strength in that field, be original, enjoy your growing and learning process, stay humble and you’ll be teachable, be open to correction, dress well, don’t beg for platforms, just ask, SEEK GOD, SEEK KNOWLEDGE, PRAY HARD, tailor your talent to purpose, position yourself for opportunities and you’ll succeed in living your best life.

Doctor Frick on max fm Is Happily married to his beautiful Wife *winks

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