MacAnne shares her story how she stays motivated and keeps pushing (inspiring story)


MacAnne who never knew she would be an inspiration to many through her books and speaking egagements shares her inspiring story. This is her interview with Vitalis kalu’s Blog:

May we know you

I am Anne Amaka Obize, also known as MacAnne, I double as a corporate
MC for corporate, religious and social events. I am a trained and certified
master of ceremony from Talkademy, Africa’s number one training institute for masters of ceremony. I am also personal development coach and trainer at “The Talk with MacAnne Consult”, a mentoring and coaching firm focused on helping
millennials gain clarity, discover and develop their potentials for purposeful
living. I am a social entrepreneur, education advocate and an author of two books
“Emerge” and “Beyond the Classroom”

What do you do

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I am an Corporate MC, Coach, Author and inspirational speakerHow did you discover you could do what you do now?
It has been an interesting journey for me, I have always had the feeling of
being destined for great things but I didn’t know exactly what it was.

How I started

I started out as an inquisitive teen who was willing to try out different thing, from playing football in Junior secondary school, to being in press club and SAGE club in senior secondary school and serving in different leadership
position. Being a member of Student for the Advancement of Global
Entrepreneurship club exposed me to a lot of basic entrepreneurial and
problem solving skills.

We produced different products such as liquid soap, paint, beads, Vaseline,
tomato paste etc. and carried out different community development project
all geared towards the millennium development goals.

Being an active member and production manager in SS1 afforded me the
opportunity to be selected among the few students who represented my
school and Nigeria in Cape town, south Africa in 2010
In 2012.

Later, I became the president of the team and I led other team members in the company of our advisor and other official from FCT to San Francisco
USA where we clinged the SAGE world cup beating countries like China,
Ukraine, USA, Ghana, Singapore etc.

After secondary school, I had to stay back at home for one year because of
JAMB. I had interest in music, I learnt how to play keyboard and guitar for
some time but stopped because I had no instrument. I became an ardent
radio listener who always called in and won lots of freebies.

I also produced liquid soap and peanut and sold to different individual and
school before my admission finally came in December 2013.
I was involved in all these activities because I was trying to discover my

I discovered my passion

I later discovered my passion and love for talking in 300 level and
over the years, I have constantly utilized this gift, groomed it and I still do
daily with every given opportunity.
I didn’t just wake up one morning to discover I was a talented and
passionate speaker; it took me years of trying out different areas of interest
till I finally found one which my heart beats for.

Do you think one can diversify as per career choice?

Yes, I believe. One major emphasis in this 21 st century is having different
streams of income and also monetizing your skills, talent and ability.
So it means that whatever career or profession you find yourself in, you
should be thinking of creating about 3 other streams of income.

I studied business education but I have been able to diversify into other
things. I teach through my coaching and training, podcast and YouTube
channel, I anchor events for corporate, religious and social brands, I am an
author of 2 books and more to come and I’m also a photographer.

Diversification becomes easier when you discover your talent and passion
and learn how to monetize it.
The earlier you embark on the journey of self-discovery, the earlier you
arrive at your purpose and begin to fulfill it.

What inspires you?

The discovery of my purpose inspires me. The knowledge that God has
given me gifts and abilities not for myself but to Glorify him and reach out
to a particular set of persons. This inspires me and keeps me going.

How do you stay motivated daily to keep pushing?

God is my source and I know that whatever I am doing is what he sent me to do (my purpose), he also gave me the gift of the greatest helper, The Holy
spirit. This knowledge keeps me motivated when discouragement,
opposition and setback comes my way.
In addition, I keep a close cycle of friends and mentors who I can easily talk
to when I’m down. I watch motivational videos, listen to inspirational talks
and songs. I try my best to stay away from any form of negative vibe or

Do you have mentors? Who are they?

Yes I do. Naomi Osemedua also known as the sparkle queen and global story teller,
Chidebere Amanoh: pastor and set man of Wordfeast Gospel Network,
Pastor Joan Ifechukwu my pastor at Love Ambassador Ministries Ifite,
Awka and Toby Nwazor CEO of Millionaire Writers.
I have access to these ones and I could physically talk to them, seek their
counsel from time to time.

What kind of music do you listen to MacAnne?

I love music and have songs and listen to music for different purposes.
Generally, I love worship song and chants, they help me pray more,
I love danceable songs with beats for the purpose of working out, they help
keep morale high.

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I love inspirational songs with cool beat like that of Jamie grace, Britt
Nicole, Simi, Cobams Johnny Drill and others, they help me relax.

What kind of content do you consume most on Youtube?

On YouTube, I consume inspirational content and what I call the “How to
Content”. These are contents that teach me how to do several things,
cooking, make up, Photoshop, video editing and other things.
When I need to learn something new, I just head onto YouTube and type
“How to draw eye brows” or “How to make sauce” etc.

Brief us about your new book MacAnne

Beyond the classroom is a book I birthed together with my friend Peace
Wejinya while we were serving in Lokoja Kogi state. “Beyond the
classroom” is a book that seeks to enlighten youth on vital issues that
contribute to the successful turnout of their life’s journey beyond what is
being taught in the classroom.

I am one person who about 70% of what I teach and practice today was
learnt outside the classroom. I have always been engaged in extracurricular activities right from my teenage day and it exposed me early to my life’s journey and ultimately to discovering purpose.

The book highlights different areas such as The call to purpose, career
choices, strategies for personal development, becoming a leader, overcoming low self-esteem, how to build positive relationship (physically/ Online), dating rules and handling your freedom.
If you are a young person concerned about living a fruitful and fulfilling life, then this book is a must read for you. The book is also for parents, teachers, teen mentors and youth coach.

Click here to get her Book “Emerge”

Click here to get her Book “Beyond The Classroom”

What else would you be doing if not this?

Hmmm, I honestly don’t know, I have always imagined myself speaking to
millions of people, anchoring international and top corporate event and

Word of advice for upcoming authors from MacAnne

Don’t be afraid to document your knowledge and experiences, whatever
knowledge you posses and feel it’s too small, there exist other people out there who don’t know up to 90% of what you know.
If you have ever dreamt of writing a book, now is the best time to start. Keep writing, keep showing up and keep giving value, there is a lot of ignorance among us, we need the light. Remember Mac Anne believes in you.

Do not hesitate to share if the story of MacAnne has inspired you.


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