Linda Ikeji discloses her wealth secrets(inspiring story)!

linda ikeji

Linda Ikeji discloses her wealth secrets and inspires millions through her story

The popular Nigerian blogger and news carrier, Linda Ikeji, took to her instagram page how she was able to go from broke to wealthy, she disclosed her secrets on the post!

She said:

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2019 and going forward are the money years. This is the year and time to think! Think outside the box. Think of other things you can do to supplement your income. No matter how much money you have, you can make more money. And no matter how successful you are, you can achieve more success.

I was making so much money from blogging and some money from LITV that I wasn’t really thinking of establishing other sources of income but I’d advise everyone I met that multiple streams of income is the way to stay wealthy.

So the other day, a long time client of ours called about a budget they had for a digital marketing campaign and asked if my company could handle it for his company and I told him no, we are not a digital marketing company, just a platform used by such agencies for their campaigns. Then I recommended an agency to him. I’ve done this so many times over the years. Send my clients to a digital agency, who will collect the money, set up the campaign and pay my blog only a fraction of that money.

So this client came back to me and said ‘with how long you’ve owned the media space, and how knowledgeable you are about this business, I’m surprised you haven’t started your own agency. Do you know how much these people collected from me?” And immediately I had an epiphany. Over the years, I have recommended different digital marketing agencies to so many of my clients who had campaigns they wanted to run and didn’t know where to go.

Hundreds of millions of Naira I could have made for my company but I sent that business elsewhere, mostly because I was satisfied with the money I was making forgetting that I’m planning to buy a private jet one day..and how am I going to do that with just blogging money? Oh, wait there’s LITV…lol.

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Anyway, I’ve started my own Digital Marketing agency and incredibly, I got two clients in less than 24hours.

I wanted to share this story to encourage everyone to start thinking of other things they can do to supplement their income. Ask yourself right now: ‘what else can I do?’ Like I said before, multiple streams of income is the way to stay wealthy!

This is the year to go after and conquer all our goals. All the best!



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