Impact Field Scholarship touches more lives as they award three students

ImpactField Scholarship

Impact Field touch more lives as they award scholarship to children

ImpactField Scholarship awarded to three Students as a reward for hard work. The beneficiaries took the The 3 positions during a quiz organized by the organization.

The winners also received Impactfield Certificates of excellence, Book gifts, and the receipts of their school fees fully paid.

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Over 150 students of the Secondary School also benefited from a 2 hour seminar organized by the organization. The seminar was basically to encourage them to get the best of Education.
Impactfield also donated a hundred Books to the school to equip their Library.


Anichebe Chidinma marvelled the entire staff and students of Community Secondary School Agba Umana as well as all the team members of ImpactField that were present at Scholarship Launch.

The JSS 2 student who won the competition with 92% beating the senior prefect (SS2) with 2% informed us that she started reading the text for the quiz the very day it was given to the students.

What more can we say?


Anichebe Chidinma

Read her feedback to the Initiative:

“I did not know that I am going to receive this Scholarship Award, but God had a better plan for me. When I was writing this quiz, there was fear in my mind, but I threw that fear away and asked God to help me and he finally did. When I heard my my name, that I was the one who took first position, I was very happy and I thank God for this success in my life. And I believe in the saying that “the sky is your starting point”. If you believe that you will make it, you shall surely make it in Jesus Name. Amen! 
Thanks and may God bless you all. AMEN.”

-Anichebe Chidimma Loveth, JSS 2

Winner of the ImpactField Scholarship Launch Quiz Competition. 
Community Secondary School, Agba Umana.

Meet Arinze Charles Chika the first runner up winner (2nd Position)

At the ImpactField Scholarship Quiz and also one of the winners of the ImpactField Scholarship.

He’s in SS2 and also the Senior Prefect of the school.

He scored 90% in the quiz.

Our organization have paid his school fees for First and Second Terms of next academics session in full.

Charles Chika

Here is his grattitude note:

I feel so happy when I heard that I am the second position, so I’m very very grateful and I am thanking God for having this opportunity in life. I thank the ImpactField Global Youth Initiative for giving me this Scholarship. May God continue to bless and guide you.

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-Arinze Charles Chika, SS2
1st Runner Up (2nd Position) at the ImpactField Scholarship Quiz. 

Meet Nkongho John, the 2nd Runner up (3rd Position)

at the ImpactField Scholarship Quiz and one of the winners of the ImpactField Scholarship.

Our organization rewarded his diligence with payment of his school fees for the whole of next term.

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Nkongho John

Read what he wrote:

I feel so happy for what just happened today at my school and I also thank the almighty God for giving me the opportunity to be among those who won the Scholarship. My regards also goes to Mr. Solomon and Gideon Okeke for the good works they did to us today. I pray that God should give them wisdom to continue their good works.

-Nkongho John Eyong SS2
2nd Runner Up (3rd Position) at the ImpactField Scholarship Quiz.
Community Secondary School, Agba Umana, Ezeagu Local Government, Area.

We want to give more Scholarships.
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