How to take back your life when you are broken

How do you take back your life when you are broken? Or when you feel you have lost it all?

You have not lost it all!

Some people do think they have lost it all when they lose money, family members, relationships, connections to friends and their jobs. They feel their whole life is falling apart in front of them. These people do feel lost like there is no one around to help. In this article you will see how you can take back your life when you are broken.

It is OK to fall

It is OK to fall, we have been programmed by family, the society and sometimes school, that we need to be perfect all the time. Having this feeling of always wanting to be perfect all the time does harm to your body, soul and mind. We live with the expectation to be the person we are not, that is why you feel broken. You are trying to fit into someone else’s life, or trying to be who you are not. Even though you feel you are broken, you are not broken.

Realize you can re-write your story anytime

If you made a mistake in chapter one of your life, do you not think you can make chapter two better? If you made a mistake in chapter one of your life remember that You can erase it and write chapter one again or you can start from chapter two and make it better. It Is in the hardest moment you learn the most about yourself because you are pushed to the limit.

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Never say your life is a mess:

When you say your life is a mess, do you know what that does with your subconscious mind? It makes you live a very messy life, your daily activities are going to be messy and you may not have a good time at work or if you are in school. Because you have said and believed that, it is now manifesting in your daily actions. Remember that what you think is broken might just be a temporary one.

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