How to stop being shy: 7 Highly effective ways to overcome stage fright

stage fright

Highly effective ways to overcome stage fright

Stage fright? Everybody, even the greatest of all speakers have stage fright or anxiety. But what is the difference? They have got so used to speaking that it seems it is a normal thing. Public speaking still remains one of the greatest fears people face nowadays. It is said that if in a funeral, people will prefer to be the one in the coffin than to be the one to give an open speech or address the crowd. 

The World’s greatest fear

The fear of public speaking which is also called stage fright, happens, mostly when you are losing confidence in what you are saying. Most times, you are having the mentality that the people you are speaking to are far better than you, so you feel below them, therefore, less confident. Then stage fright sets in.

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It will do you and your career good if you start taking measures or steps to reduce stage fright. You need to Identify what is causing the stage fright and tackle it heads on. In facing your fear, you will be able to overcome performance anxiety on stage and it will make you more relaxed when you speak.

Some people will choose to take natural methods to stop this anxiety, some will choose to speak with experienced persons. Whichever one feels comfortable to you, make sure you do it.

Seven highly effective ways to overcome stage fright

I will give you 7 quick tips you can use to stop stage fright and thereby increase your performance on stage:

  1. Accept that you are not perfect and you are open to make mistakes. When you make mistakes, feel free and move on. Do not think about them.
  2. Be confident in what you are saying, because I discovered when you are confident you say things like you are sure of it.
  3. Practice deep breathing before you speak. Deep breathing will help you stay relaxed and calm, therefore reducing stage fright.
  4. Prepare your speech or material beforehand and get familiar with it.
  5. Understand your audience and find ways to connect with them by smiling, asking questions and reducing the proximity between you and your audience.
  6. Know your speaking style and Stop scaring yourself with things that might go wrong and start thinking of things that can go right.
  7. Viualize yourself already speaking successfully and smoothly, if you can think it, work towards it, pretty soon it will become a reality.

Practice makes improvement, not perfect

Practice does not make perfect, it only makes improvement. However, there is no perfect speaker out there, each person with his own style and message to pass to the world. So, know the style that suits you the most and work with it.


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