How to stay safe from coronavirus while travelling

covid-19 in Nigeria

How to stay safe from coronavirus while travelling.

How should one stay safe from coronavirus while travelling? It has been months since the breakout of this deadly virus called Coronavirus and the world is in chaos, the virus keeps spreading and some countries keep recording new cases of the outbreak.

Some are still travelling even though the the Federal Govt. asked everyone to remain at home for the time being. Some people still need to go to the hospital, place of work, place of business or even to get food and things to eat. Before you embark on your journey during the Covid-10, you should know these self care tips during the covid -19

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This article will show you various ways you can stay safe and out of coronavirus while you embark on your journey.

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Keep your distance

If you are in a plane, a bus or train with a lot of people around you try to keep your distance, especially with someone you notice is sick on the bus or plane, keep your distance and avoid touching the person too often, avoid touching any sick person you notice totally if possible, this will help you stay away from this virus and reduce the risk of contacting the virus.

Travel with your hand sanitizers

It has been all over the news that we should always keep your hands clean and avoid touching your face frequently. To wash your hands frequently you need water and some space, to get that on a place or in a bus may be impossible. I advise you always travel with your hand sanitizers, this is a quick way to keep your hands clean and free from germs.

Let people around you know if you are sick

If you are showing some symptoms of sickness while you travel, let some people around you know while you travel so that they can also distant themselves from you for safety reasons. Limit too much touching from others if you are sick.

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Travel with your face towels

If you are having a common cold or you have been sneezing for some while before you set out to travel, go with your face towels so that when you cough you cough inside, when you sneeze you sneeze inside, all these are to stay safe and to not endanger the lives of others around you. Travel with your clean face towels for hygiene purposes.

Travel with your nose masks

To stay safe from coronavirus while travelling you need to go with your face masks, it helps protect you when people around you may sneeze without covering their faces, in that kind of situation a face mask will come in handy, it could help reduce the risk of contacting the virus unknowingly.

Please do stay safe and if you need to travel please make use of the tips we shared above on how to stay safe from coronavirus while travelling.


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