How to lose weight in two weeks

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How to lose weight in two weeks

Sometimes you want to lose a lot of weight quickly, perhaps because you are not comfortable with how you look or you need to lose weight because it is depriving you of some certain things you love doing, like, running, hill climbing, and some other sports that are strenuous. Weight loss is not as hard as you think. Two weeks may sound impossible to you or it may seem too short, but there are better ways and safe ways to drop kilograms after some days. Let us see how it works.

How to lose weight in 2 weeks

Reduce your calorie intake

You need to reduce the way to take in calorie if you want to lose weight. Here are a few ways you can reduce your calorie intake:

  • Take enough vegetables, especially leafy greens.
  • Eat lean proteins, like fish and chicken. Reduce how you take in fried food.
  • Avoid sugary beverages and Alcoholic drinks. Stick to zero-calorie water at all cost.
  • Try to eliminate sauces, use herbs and add spices for great taste.
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Avoid taking in Processed and Junk food.

You need to reduce how you take in junk, these are not good for you if you are focusing on losing weight. Totally reduce how you take in processed food. These junk food contains calories that could make you bloat.

Engage in physical Activities

Being on diet and doing physical activities that make you sweat should work hand in hand. With a minimum of five to ten minutes of physical exercise will have a significant effect on your health and fitness. Make sure you are doing stuff that helps you to burn fats. Put it as a part of your routine, set more of this weight loss exercise as part of your goals.

Take in more lean proteins

You can lose the first few kilograms if you can take in more lean proteins. Research has shown that this type of diet helps a lot when it comes to weight loss. If you love too much carbohydrates, it is time to cut off from it and replace it with lean proteins like green leaf and vegetable.


Your weight loss exercise and your diet should go hand in hand, it will kick-start a healthy lifestyle for you. If you are able to stay consistent in these tips that was shared here, expect to see results within two weeks.

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