How to let go of someone who has moved on without you in a relationship

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How to let go of someone who has hurt you in a relationship

How do you let go? Are you finding it hard how to to let go of someone who already left you in a relationship and has moved on without you? Did he or she hurt you? Or are you finding it hard to get over people who leave you and move on with their lives.

You can move on

Maybe you still love your EX but he has moved on without you. After reading this, you will be happy with that person that has already moved on without you.

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How do you let go someone who has moved on without you in a relationship?

Get over your Ego:

The situation where the person left you and has moved on with someone else is not hurting you, your ego is hurting you. Your ego hates to lose and does not like to take a loss. You need to know that it is ok to feel hurt, it is natural. Say to yourself that you own no one, that you are only here to experience them.

Realize they do not belong to you in the first place:

You have to direct yourself to the greatest relationship you can ever have, which is a relationship with yourself. The moment you start to love yourself, you will be able to become a happier person. When you do this you can start to let go. That is how to let go.

Do not be a victim:

Instead of focusing on the fact that they hurt you and now they have moved on. Focus on the lesson to be learned from the experience. There is always a lesson to learn from any experience. The lesson may be that some people are not meant to be in your life forever, they may just be there to teach you a lesson.

Reclaim back your power:

Do not say that you will not open your heart to anyone because the relationship you once cared about did not work. Once you say this, you now give the person power over you. Instead, say that you will not allow that person to close your heart down. Open your heart and allow love to flow in there.

Realize there is someone better:

It is time to realize that there is someone who is better coming your way, instead of being a side dish, why not become a main course.

Do not point fingers:

Things happen sometimes because there is a reason for it. Instead of pointing fingers trying to find who’s fault it was. The real question is what would you have done differently? It is time for you to learn from this experience. Take all you learned from this relationship and invest it in the new one.

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Do not hold on a grudge:

How to let go? Your ego is hurt, not you. Instead of laying emphasis on holding a grudge because he or she has hurt your feelings, say to yourself that you will not hold on a grudge, you should free your heart and do not give that person so much power over your emotions, reclaim your power.

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