Healthy Pregnancy Tips: Importance of working out during pregnancy

healthy pregnancy tips

Healthy Pregnancy Tips: Importance of working out during pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy Tips: Working out during pregnancy is a necessity, and a strong desire, for many women. Office culture, however, is not always the most conducive environment for physical health and wellness. From petty office politics to frequent sugary treats left for “sharing” in the company break-room, it can be challenging to keep stress at bay and to maintain a continuously nutritious diet.

healthy Pregnancy tips: Importance of working out during pregnancy

It can help you in dealing with labor pain

This one is a big sell among expectant women, as labor is notoriously not exactly pain-free. Good news: exercise can help with this, too.

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“Exercising during pregnancy helps build strength of muscles in the body that are challenged during labor,” Dr. Ross explains. “When you continue exercising during pregnancy you will continue to strengthen muscles needed to help during labor and delivery,” she adds.

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It’s also helpful to do kegel exercises, which target and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, to ensure that they’re strong enough to withstand pushing out baby during a vaginal delivery.

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It promotes better posture and muscle Tone

Once you hit your second and third trimesters, you may notice more aching, muscle weakness and overall fatigue. Exercise can help fight these symptoms, by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles. It also helps strengthen your muscles, which helps with posture

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. “When muscles are strengthened in the back it helps avoid the pregnancy ‘slouching’ that can occur during pregnancy,” Dr. Ross says. “Other postural changes that occur during pregnancy, include joint laxity and the shifting center of gravity, which contribute to an increase in an unsteady gait,” she says. As pregnancy progresses, regular exercise helps control this unsteady gait.

It will help you manage your weight gain

Weight management is especially important during pregnancy. It’s common for women to pack on more weight than recommended. Excess weight gain during pregnancy has been linked to a myriad of complications, including gestational diabetes. So, exercising can help pregnant women prevent these types of conditions.

It relieves stress

With all of the changes happening to your body during pregnancy, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed.  Exercise can help by releasing feel-good endorphins. These may help you deal with both the physical and emotional toll that stress can take on your body and mind.

Exercises to avoid during Pregnancy

1. Holding your breath during difficult positions during yoga or while weight training. If you are ever not breathing during any exercise this is a clear indication you are over-exerting yourself and you need to stop immediately.

2.Exercises which involve lying on the stomach.

3. Any activities which require changes to the centre of gravity should be avoided as this can cause balance problems. This includes vigorous racquet sports such as squash and tennis.

4. Contact sports and high-impact sports such as ice hockey, soccer and basketball can risk abdominal trauma, excessive joint stress and falls.

5. Some abdominal strengthening exercises will be very uncomfortable due to muscle weakness and the development of abdominal seperation, a condition where called diastasis recti. This occurs as a result of the growing uterus.

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