Habits of the wealthy: 7 things poor people do that the rich do not

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Habits that the poor people do that the rich do not

Have you checked your habits to see if they are keeping you from achieving your goals financially and in other areas of your life. Read up these seven habits that are keeping you from getting wealthy. At the end, Let us know in the comment section which of these habits you are developing.

1. Poor people spend hours on TV

How many hours a day do you spend watching TV? You hardly see successful people spend 6 hours on the Television, when others are watching TV, Successful people are developing their minds and reading helpful books and watching helpful videos. When you spend time to develop yourself, after years of hard work others will watch you on TV 2

2. Poor people get paid based on time, Rich people get paid based on results.

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When you are an employee you get paid based on the time you work, you may be the best employee in the company, But what value are you bringing to the company?. Rich people get paid based on resuls, for example, when you are building a product, you do not get paid based on how long you have spent building the product, you get pais based on the result of the products. No one cares about the time and risks it took in building the products. Highest paiid atheletes do not get paid based on how long they perform, they get paid based on how they perform.

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3. Poor people focus on saving, rich people focus on investing.

v We hear a lot of things like spend less so you can save more money, a saved dollar is still a dollar. Instead of looking for how you can save more, look for how to get more income streams and skills. The problem is not a saving problem, it is an income problem. You need to earn a lot more money, so think more of investment, not just saving alone.

4. Poor people blame others, rich people take responsibility for their own problem

Poor people love to play the blame-game. They love to blame others for what has happened to them. Where ever you are is as a result of the decisions you have made. You are the reason why your back is on the ground, it is not your background. Rich people take responsibility of their problems and what has happened to them. Poor people complain a lot about their job, their boss etc. When you take responsibility you gain the power to change.

5. Poor people know it all, rich people continue to learn.

Rich people are always reading, they read continuously and always want to learn new things about everything. Books are the tools that helps you open the heavens to your mind.

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6. Money is the root of all evil

Poor people believe money is the root of all evil, lack of money is the root of all evil, because people will steal and kill for money because of lack of money. Money is a tool  that can be used for good or for evil. It is up to you.

7.Poor people have lottery mentality, rich people have action mentality

Poor people believe the only way to get rich is to win a lottery, even when the chances are very low, then the think after winning the lottery they think of how to spend it on frivolous things that will not multiply their money. Rich people think Action, they believe they can make it happen and make themselves successful.

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Let us know which of these habits you are developing in the comment below.



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