Flying with an Infant on lap: How to keep your baby safe when flying | Travelling tips

Flying with an infant

Flying with an Infant on lap: How to keep your baby safe when flying | Travelling tips

Flying with an infant when travelling brings out the best in you, it exposes you and takes you through the beautiful places of the world you never knew that existed. Most times, as a family man or woman, you could be planning to go on a business trip or on holidays and you would not love to leave your baby(ies) behind. This post will take you through tips you can use in keeping your baby safe while flying.

Choose your flight.

Choosing your flight before flying with an infant is a very good step to take before embarking on your journey. Flying during the day will be stressful for you and your baby because your baby will be awake all through and this will make you more conscious of your infant while flying.

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Travelling at night helps relieve the stress because your baby will sleep all through. Plan in advance and book your seats so you can get a bassinet seat if traveling with a young baby, or an aisle seat if traveling with a toddler. Pre-book a child meal to ease the pressure of carrying too much food. Check in all luggage so you only have a stroller and a carry-on bag for baby

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Choose your day of Travel

You must have packed your bags and prepared for your travel, but you need to chill a bit. Stay calm. Before you set out on your journey you need to get a good night’s sleep, put your baby to sleep at least by 8pm. Finish your packing in advance so that you will not be delayed on your day of travel.

Reduce stress for you and your infant

Flying with an infant is obviously stressful, but please do not add to the stress by not grabbing on something to eat before embarking o the journey. Grab a bite before boarding the flight as you may not get a chance to eat when meals are served.

Carry a range of stuff to keep baby engaged through the flight, such as snacks, books, an iPad with a number of downloaded favorite programs, art books and crayons. I also sometimes carry a new book or a wrapped toy to keep my little one excited and occupied for a bit.

Carry any comforter your baby loves. In our case, we carry on our baby’s pillow, and it helps him go to sleep.

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Seat in the window seat

When you are flying with an infant, sitting next to the window is a very good idea to prevent your baby from interfering or stretching out his arms or legs into the aisles where the other passengers and the flight attendants are constantly passing.

Bring entertainment on board

Flying with an infant may be hectic and stuff, but when you have entertainment on board it could relieve you of the stress. Travel with things like an ipad, Nitendo game, a children’s story book etc. do not forget to feed your infant during take-off and landing.

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