Don’t start the new Decade without reading this: 7 Fun things to do on new year’s day

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Don’t start the new Decade without reading this:7 Fun things to do on new year’s day

2020 marks a new year and also a new decade, instead of doing regular things on a new year’s day there are other fun things you can do on new year’s day.

Take yourself on a treat

It is already a norm going out with lots of friends or even a loved one on new year’s day, hardly have you tried going out alone, taking yourself out on a treat. It is even more fun and enough space for you to think things through and make out plans for your next year. This new year will require you to do some critical thinking to make the new year better than the previous.

Go window shopping

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Go window shopping or make use of the extra day off by prepping and packaging up all the returns you need to make after the holidays (you may want to double check which shops or shopping centers are open first, as the holiday may affect hours). Even though you are not picking up new stuff in the mall window shopping could be quite fun, feeding your eyes and knowing what is new is quite entertaining.

Challenge yourself with new goals

Setting goals on January first might sound cliche, but it really can be a good opportunity to sit down and check in with yourself. Whether you want to take the traditional approach of setting goals or you just want to write freely, this day is always a great excuse to get back in touch with yourself. If you need a prompt, write down five things you want to leave in 2019 and five things you want to take with you in 2020.

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Start your year with a new book

January first is all about re-calibrating and relaxing. A great way to do so? Pick up a new book you’ve been meaning to read. If you need any suggestions, consider some of 2019 e-books on

Hang out by a fire

If you have a fire pit, invite some friends over for a midwinter barbecue and huddle around the fire to stay warm. Or, if it’s simply too cold to go outside, do the same thing around an indoor fireplace.

Have some fun in the movies

When all you want to do is chill and sit around, consider upgrading from your living room couch to a movie theater. Make a day of it with a full movie marathon and prioritize all the Oscar nominees you want to see before award show season is in full swing.

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Do something you were always afraid of before:

In this new decade it is time you gave up those fears you had, most of the fears are not as bad as you think it is. Doing stuff you were always scared of doing is one good way to kick-start your 2020. It could be keeping a pet, travel to a place you have never been to, talk to that one person you have always wanted to, this will be a good avenue to relate with new people.


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