DJ Parth: Best Bollywood DJ/Producer From USA – read his inspiring story

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DJ Parth Have Won Hearts of many Indian and Bollywood Music Lover with His Mashups and Music!

One thing was always for sure for PARTH. That was that he always wanted to be a DJ, ever since he was a little kid. He always loved going to a wedding just to watch and listen to the DJ, the music, and see the lights while everyone danced. PARTH however is someone who is a quiet shy person, where the microphone scares the crap out of him – something quite unusual for a DJ. So when asked, why the hell did you decide to become a DJ, he replies, “Honestly, it’s everything else, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

I’ll list my reasons from what I feel are least important, to most important. I love music. I’ve always had an ear for music. I’d like to think I am a pretty humble person who prides myself with having the skill sets, knowledge and commitment to hear great sounds. Different songs give me different feelings and it’s almost as if I can feel their energy to get people on the dance floor, as well as visualize how people will move to the music.

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A lot of music moves me emotionally, whether it makes me sad, happy, hyper/energetic or relaxed. I find music to be extremely powerful. But most importantly, last, but certainly not the least, I really enjoy when I witness something I have done or something I am doing, that has or is having a positive effect on others. For example seeing a huge crowd of people having an absolute blast as a result of what I am doing.”

As he strives for his ultimate goal to be operating his own successful DJ business, PARTH has grown to be a DJ that can play a wide array of different styles in his mixes. He enjoys playing mostly mostly electronic dance music like house/techno, but he can also find him throwing in some hip-hop, RnB into his sets.

“The best way to feel like you are moving forward is to map the tangible goals and then the big dreams in some sort of order – small steps and hard work feed into bigger accomplishments. The point is to have a trajectory. My big dream is to take the main stage I don’t want you to give in to the perception that being a superstar DJ is the epitome of success. For me, I keep chasing down the ultimate mix, the one that truly exemplifies me as a person and an artist. Of course, the reality is that I will never be satisfied. But it’s fun thinking that there is a perfect mix in my head and I just need to bring it into the world.

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