Coronavirus case in Nigeria: the secret no one is telling you about this corona virus.

coronavirus case in nigeria

Coronavirus Case in Nigeria: the secret no one is telling you about this corona virus.

The Coronavirus case in Nigeria is no longer news as this is spreading fast around the world.

A lot of people are ignorant of the secrets that are not being told about the Corona Virus case in Nigeria.

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Some things are not being told, that is why we wrote this post to enlighten you about these secrets.

Covid-19 is man-made for population control

Many will find it hard to believe that this Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 was man made, there are over 7.7 billion people in the world now and the elite feel this number is too much, so for population control the idea of the covid-19 came about.

There is no better way to control the human population other than creating this virus.

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Covid-19 was discovered in China

The Covid-19 was discovered in a remote city in China called Wuhan. The Chinese authorities discovered a new outbreak of corona virus in December 2019. The death toll from the disease is now over 10,000.

Leaders have started the corona virus fight months back, however, this virus is said to have spread in some countries all over the world.

The Coronavirus is zoonotic

As the Coronavirus case in Nigeria increases many still do not know that this virus is zoonotic, this means that the virus came all the way from bats to snakes and then from snakes it is transferred to humans. We are all advised to stay away from bats for now.

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There was a viral footage sometime ago where some folks in China were filmed eating bat soup and raw rats. This is one way this virus can be contacted from bats to humans.

Coronavirus case in Nigeria is spreading uncontrollably

The Coronavirus case in Nigeria is now up to 12 cases. Lagos State health commisioner Akin Abayomi announced that the coronavirus case in Nigeria is up to 12 and 14 people were tested positive for this virus.


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