Cheap places to hangout in lagos after lockdown

cheap places to hangout in ikeja lagos

Cheap Places to hangout in lagos after lockdown

Cheap places to hangout in lagos are always the best option for people, both young and old. It is no longer news that many part of the world has been on lockdown for some months now. In some other countries the lockdown has been lifted, while in some others there is still total lockdown. There are some cheap places in Ikeja to hangout.

Lockdown or not, there is still rise in the coronavirus case each day. Millions of people have been affected and thousands have died all over the world. After staying at some for so long you may want to figure out some cheap places in lagos to hangout after lockdown. It is good for the mind and body to take some time out to relax after the whole coronavirus cases have reduced.

Check out these cheap places to hangout in Lagos after the lockdown

Ikeja City Mall

cheap places to hamgout
Ikeja City Mall
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The Ikeja City mall is practically one of the most popular cheap places in Lagos to hangout. As the name implies, it is more of a shopping mall, however, it also has some other leisure options like the cinema, clothing stores,restaurants,make up studios etc.

The Ikeja City Mall is located in the central part of Alausa in Lagos, Ikeja. It is alo accessible to anyone in Lagos at large. Even if you are on a low budget, or you do not want to spend so much money while you hang out, there are some other cheap things you can afford in the restaurant while you hangout.

The Ikeja City Mall also has a popular shopping mall inside called ”Shoprite” . You can find cheap things at shoprite if that is what you need.

Elegushi Beach

cheap places to hangout in lagos
Elegushi beach

The beach is at the Lekki-Epe, Lagos. This beach is the most popularly known beach in Lagos state filled with fun and it is also a perfect place to be for parties, picnics, social gatherings and lots more you think you want to do. This is one one of the cheap places to hangout after lockdown.



The funtopia is located in Lekki area, along Epe way. This is another cheap place in lagos to hangout in lagos after the lockdown. It has fun places, recreational parks, swimming pools and also fun games. You will not regret coming here to hangout and have some fun. This is among the cheap places in ikeja to hangout after lockdown.

Freedom park

Cheap places in lagos to hangoiut
Freedom park

The freedom park is located at the centre of downtown Lagos state, Nigeria. This is one of the best places in Lagos to visit if you want to have fun. It is a beautiful spot for relaxation. It explains and shows the history of the coloonial heritage and the broad street prisons. This is among the cheap places in Ikeja

Nike Art Gallery

The Nike Art Gallery is a must-visit if you are a lover of art. it is located at Ikate, Lekki Phase 1. It is afive storey building erected in 2009 by Chief (Mrs) Nike Davies Okundaye. The art works cost millions of Naira.

Which of these fun places you like to visit in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria? Tell us in the comment section.

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