Naira Marley: 5 life’s lessons to learn from his life and arrest

Naira marley
Naira marley

Nairamarley: 5 life’s lessons to learn from his life and arrest

Naira marley was obviously arrested for claims that he was involved in Cyber Crime, which we all know in Nigeria as Yahoo. His arrest was not necessarily because of his music he did with popular singer Zlatan Ibile titled ‘Am I a yahoo boy’.

This musical video has hit more than one million views on YouTube in less than 2 weeks of its release.

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People often think the arrest was because of this music, Marley was allegedly caught with some suspicious materials which he claimed was not for him.

For those of you who do not know the value of people in your life but you live for those who validate you on social media, you need to see this: Naira Marley was in court with his mom and his siblings present. Unfortunately, Naira Marley is not married, so his wife would have been present if at all he was married.

5 life’s lessons to learn from Naira Marley

1. Naira Marley has a fan base known as #MARLIANS but no single MARLIAN was present with him in court.

This is enough reason to say that you should not neglect those you regard as family, including the extended ones, both far and near.

2. Naira Marley is a celebrity, but at that point in court there was no single celebrity in his circle

After being arrested with the likes of Zlatan Ibile and some others, none of them appeared in court with him, his family still stood by him.

3. Marley is a musician but no single musician stood by him in court,

even after they openly made posts on social media platforms about them having his back.

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4. Marley’s arrest triggered the social media #Freemarley campaign

Unfortunately, none of those campaign team was present with him in court. It was just Marley and his small family.

Naira Marley and co.

5. Naira Marley was bold enough and had the guts to even come up with music that could implicate him

After his video about him supporting internet fraud Yahoo went viral. He is really bold and if at all he gets freed, he will be praised for his courage.

People will always validate you and praise you and your work when you are winning, but in this process, do not neglect your family. Your family can help you carry your cross. Family is always the real one around you.


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