11 Best Mother’s day gift in Nigeria

best mother's day gift in Nigeria
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Mother’s day gift in Nigeria is what a lot of people out there are searching for on the internet because people are looking for the best ways to reward their mom in Nigeria.

Mothers are the root of a Family Tree, they hold up all the members together and forever with love and care. The word ‘mother’ likely sounds like the World. With how great your mom has been, will you not like to get her a mother’s day gift in Nigeria?

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A mother is someone who fills everyone with her emotions, feelings, love and care. She is a very important part in everyone’s life.  Her love for her child is truly uncountable and can’t be compared with anything. 

What should I do for my mom on mother’s day?

A mother plays a major role in upbringing the generation. She is the greatest gift from God. She is the source of happiness, a source of alignment. What a mother means to her child is beyond everything, it couldn’t be described through words or a lengthy story. Most especially in Nigeria, people do not joke with their mothers

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A mother’s heart is the heart of God, where she has abundance of love, forgiveness, lessons and emotions. No one on this Earth would compare a mother to anything. A mother is a precious gift who carries every solution to the problems and handles with care. 

A mother has a deep and pure connection with her child. She knows very well how to take care and to bring up her child. Words for a mother would get less to tell the importance of her in anyone’s life. 

Furthermore, A mother has many forms, she becomes a friend for her child, a teacher, a caretaker who never lets her child go through any difficulties. If she takes a lot of care of you, then why not you take care of her? 

Mother’s days are rarely celebrated, when she never forgets your days to make it memorable, so why are you taking a step back from making her day as special as she is for you?

 We have brought some grand ideas for you to make your mother’s day even special and brighter. We have 10 best mother’s day gift in Nigeria

What is the best gift for mom on mother’s day?

Thank You card

Mother’s day gift in Nigeria
Peniel Cards

One way that you can show gratitude to your Nigerian mom is to write her a very sweet note on a Thank you card. Writing is one way that you can express your gratitude and show how you truly feel. This is one of the best gift for mom on mother’s day.

Mother’s day gift in Nigeria
Peniel Cards

If you want to get a Thank you card for mother’s day in Nigeria, you can reach out to Peniel Cards. Peniel Cards Is a brand with the aim of promoting the culture of gratitude and giving. Follow Peniel cards on Social media here

Jewelry Sets

Mother’s day gift in Nigeria
Jewelry sets

Making your mother go with the trend, and making her feel special, gift her with the best quality of ornaments like necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets etc. Gifting your mother the best quality sets of jewelry will make her fall in love with herself,  for sure!!! This is a very good mother’s day gift in Nigeria that your mom cannot reject. Buy one for your Nigerian Mom here

Taking her Out

Mother’s day gift in Nigeria
Outing with mom

Your time is one of the best gifts that you can give your Nigerian mother on mother’s day.

Every time you love to hang out with your friends, but guess what hanging out with your mom feels like something different being with your friends. Spend some of the time with her and make her feel blessed to have you. There are a lot of places that you can take your Nigerian mom out on mother’s day for her to enjoy herself. Read this article on the best hangout spots in Lagos

A gift Hamper

Mother’s day gift in Nigeria
A Gift hamper

If you don’t find exactly what to give her, make a mini gift hamper box with many things, it may be few chocolates, perfumes, jewelry, skin care and so on. She will definitely appreciate your work and love your gift. This is an amazing mother’s day gift in Nigeria. You can buy one here for your Nigerian mother


mother's day gift

It will be so amazing to gift your Nigerian mother with some personalized items such as a personalized photo frame, a personalized gift card sharing your gratitude to have her and how much you feel yourself fortunate etc. Your Nigerian mother will so much love this personalized gift.


mother's day gift
kitchen equipment

Does your mother work so hard? let us give her some break from it. Since childhood she had given up on her sleep and worked all day and night in the kitchen making early breakfast, dinner and all. Buy your Nigerian mom some unique kitchen items that are useful and durable for long. Buy here


Mother’s day gift in Nigeria

Want to do something different? It’s quite difficult to shop for perfect gifts, but don’t worry about it. Instead decorate her room with various decorative ornaments, some lightning, hand-made crafts, ribbons, indoor garden and all. Make sure to keep the entire room clean and smell nice once you are done. Doing this for your Nigerian mom will so much please her and she will love you so much for it. Buy a makeover here


best gift for mom on mother's day
Leather Handbag

A handbag is one of the fashionable things every woman carries when she is about to go out. It enhances her beauty and an outfit. You can get her the best quality leather handbags. She will definitely love to have it. You can as well go ahead to buy leather handbags for your Nigerian mom that will match her outfit, women love this a lot and when they put on an outfit, they will love to carry handbags that match their outfit.  You can purchase a leather handbag for mother’s day in Nigeria


mother's day gift ideas
Beauty Set

Who doesn’t love to pamper their skin? Gift her a set of beauty products so she feels herself still young and beautiful whenever she rolls out of bed. Gift her a glowing skin with branded beauty products.  Nigerian moms may be ageing, but a lot of them still maintain their beauty. They will appreciate it when you get them a beauty set gift on Mother’s day. Buy here


best gift for mom on mother's day
fit bit

Are you searching uniquely to give your mother? Get her a fitbit an activity tracker, which tracks the distance how much the person walks, runs and very special is it monitors the heart rate. A lot of our Nigerian parents are ageing, this means that they will be more conscious about their health. Getting your Nigerian mom a gift of a FitBit on Mother’s day will mean so much to her and she will love you so much for it. You can buy one here


Mother’s day gift in Nigeria
Wrist watch

Want your mother to go with elegant lookups? Gift her a wristwatch either silver or gold plated with genuine leather to step her out leaving sparkle everywhere she goes. You can also get her some wrist watches that can match the colour of her outfit so the can look more beautiful . On mother’s day, yiu can get your Nigerian mom a wrist watch

Sending you all and your mother my best wishes. Don’t let the opportunity go vacant to make your mother happy. 


I hope it will help you find something creative and to plan something wonderful on this Mother’s Day. Mother’s day is the day where we can celebrate our mothers for all the good they have been doing. These 11 best modern day gifts in Nigeria are very good ones and if you get them for your Nigerian mother, she will so much love it and also appreciate you for it.

Writer: Pratibha Chhetri

Instagram : @pratibha


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